Restaurant Hood Cleaning in El Paso

Kitchen Hood Cleaning

The hood is the larger structure that holds the exhaust fan and is an essential part of your kitchen safety and operation. Many restaurant owners are often surprised at what is behind or underneath their kitchen hood. Grease and oil accumulate under the hood and form a thick layer that is not only dangerous but unhygienic. 

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

As you prepare meals in your kitchen, the exhaust fan is responsible for air circulation and the removal of airborne cooking byproducts from the air in your kitchen.  The exhaust can suck out grease and oil particles. Without proper maintenance and cleaning, these particles will accumulate and affect the function and efficiency of your exhaust system.

Why is Restaurant Hood Cleaning Necessary?

Vent hood cleaning is a crucial step in the maintenance of a clean and safe kitchen. Even low-volume commercial kitchens are required to clean their kitchens once a year to comply with NFPA regulations. High-volume kitchens and those that operate in larger restaurant environments made need to do so more often than that.

Keeping the hood and exhaust systems clean yields many benefits, including the following:

Reduces and controls the emissions of dangerous particles

As the vent hood accumulates grease, 烟, 和污垢, it becomes less efficient in trapping these particles. This lets the harmful particles roam around and even infiltrate the rest of the building. 

Reduces risk for kitchen fires

If the accumulated grease and oil heats to high enough temperatures, it is liable to ignite and cause a fire. The more grease particles trapped and accumulated, the more of a risk you take. 

Control insurance costs

Insurance companies take fire safety compliance very seriously. If your establishment is found in violation of any of the codes, your premium is likely to increase.

Improves overall kitchen hygiene and cleanliness

Nobody wants to have old food residue around their workspace. Maintaining the facilities clean ensures a more hygienic environment in which to prepare food. 

The Right Tools and Chemicals for the Job

Today’s technology and advancements in cleaning solutions provide many options for cleaning products and techniques. El Paso Cleaning Solutions specializes in optimizing the cleaning process with the latest and most effective detergents, 它, 清洁工, and cleaning methods.

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