Spray Foam Insulation

Polyurethane spray foam insulation has been around since the 1940s when the U.S. military first applied it on airplanes. It took a couple of decades for it to hit the civilian market and another couple of decades to become a tried and true insulation material for residential and commercial purposes. Spray foam insulation expands as it is applied, ensuring that it fills in all the gaps and small crevices that might let air escape. Closed-cell spray foam insulation forms an air-tight seal. 

Blown-in Insulation

的 advantage behind blown-in insulation is the ability to insulate a building or structure without having to tear down any existing framing or wall in order to do so. For buildings and homes that have been under-insulated, blow-in insulation is a good choice. This type of insulation fills in existing wall studs, ceiling joists, 阁楼, and ceilings—all without having to tear anything down.

Insulation Contractors working on a home

Why Insulation Matters

Insulation is your home’s most valuable safeguard against energy consumption. 的 role of insulation is to keep your house at a comfortable temperature while maximizing your HVAC system.

Why Use El Paso Cleaning for Your Insulation Needs

Proper installation is central to the efficiency and longevity of spray foam insulation—it is why you want to have experienced insulation contractors do the job. A badly installed insulation will do little to combat the rising energy costs and might end up costing you more in the long run. 

的 El Paso Cleaning Solutions team of trained and seasoned construction professionals is ready to help you save on energy costs. 

Here’s why you need to hire a professional:

  • Installers need to be careful to match the substrate requirements
  • Take heed of appropriate wait times to ensure the quality of the process 
  • Matching the right product with the right application 
  • Be mindful of lift thickness or the thickness of separate layers of foam to avoid oversized layers that can cause problems
  • Take specialized care of particularly small gaps like outside corners or rim joints—these might need to be handled with small injection foam kits
  • Insulation contractors should get the ratio right to ensure product quality and avoid toxicity issues

联系 Us Today and Learn More

Energy efficiency is central to the comfort of your home and office. Properly installed and quality spray foam insulation will maximize energy and last for many years to come. Call the insulation contractors at El Paso Cleaning Solutions to find out more!

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