Our Parking Lot Services

Asphalt seal coating

Protect your asphalt surface with a high-grade coating that shields the asphalt binder from rain, U.V. rays, chemicals, and regular wear and tear. A seal coat keeps it looking good!

Parking lot striping

The striping on a parking lot helps to organize traffic flow and avoid chaos among vehicles and pedestrians. It also has an aesthetic value that communicates to customers that you care.

Driveway resurfacing

Concrete resurfacing breathes new life into your concrete surface without having to undergo a full replacement. A professional-grade resurfacing job rejuvenates your driveway to look new again.

Pothole repair

Unfixed potholes will create further damage as moisture seeps into the surface and can cause damage to vehicles. Prevent further substantial damage by repairing them as soon as they form.

parking lot maintenance in el paso

The Many Benefits of Parking Lot Maintenance

The parking lot outside of a place of business is an extension of the facility. It forms part of a customer’s experience. Maintaining it has plenty of benefits for the business owner and the customer. 

A few benefits of parking lot maintenance include:

  • Curb appeal: Curb appeal has a big impact. The experience and visual aspects of your facility make an impression on customers. Parking lot safety and functionality is a big part of that as well. 
  • Protects your business against liability. When traffic does not flow in an orderly manner, it can cause accidents. It can also put pedestrians in danger. Ensuring proper markings and spaces encourages safety. 
  • Keeps you ADA compliant. Working closely with a professional crew ensures that you comply with local, state, and federal regulations around handicap parking, signage, and more. 

Contact Us Today and Learn More

By maintaining your commercial parking lot, your business can save money on costly repairs and extend the life and longevity of your lot for years to come. Have questions about parking lot maintenance? Call us today and schedule a free consultation to find out more.

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